How to Get NBA 2K17 Badges Complete Badges List and How To Obtain Them

There are 55 badges to get and every badge impacts either the MyCareer or MyPlayer mode of NBA 2K17 game in various ways. Some badges might be complicated and you require a guide to unlock them, luckily we have you covered. Below is an NBA 2K17 how to get badges guide listing the various badges and the prerequisites expected to get them.

Personality Badges That Affect Gameplay

Alpha Dog – Team leader who willingly volunteers to lead his team to triumph.

How to obtain it: Be the highest appraised player in 20 consecutive games.

Grasp Performer – Steps his game up in defining moments and big games.

How to obtain it: Shoot more than 40% in the last minutes of a game.

Spark Plug – Come off the seat or leaves timeouts making huge plays that can energize his colleagues.

How to obtain it: In a 6 game running window, you should average no less than 7 points per game while falling off the seat.

Enforcer– Can wreak devastation on the floor with intense and physical play.

How to obtain it: Get 10 non-egregious, hard fouls in a solitary season.

Floor General – A hostile leader who can help his partners play better on offense when he’s on the floor.

How to obtain it: Have a career assist of an average of 5 or more, play no less than 30 games in a season or profession, and raise your Playmaker order to Level 18.

Hardened – Will play through weariness and harm without encountering a serious drop in expertise.

How to obtain it: Play 20 games consecutively where you average 80% of the team’s minutes or more.

Defensive Anchor – Defensive leader who helps his partners perform better defensively.

Approach to get it: Play no less than 30 games in a season or career and raise your Defender control to Level 18.

Championship DNA – Can rapidly see where double teams are originating from. Likewise, steps up his game in playoff minutes.

How to obtain it: Win an NBA Championship.

Microwave – A player who heats up faster than most.

How to obtain it: Get your player “Hot” on offense sooner or later in the game for 5-10 sequential games. When you have two red rings in your player marker, you are viewed as “Hot”.

Skill Badges

Inside Scorer

Acrobat – Can change his shot in air and endeavor difficult shots with few consequences.

How to obtain it: 15 Reverse layups and 4 change-shot layups in a season.

Tear Dropper – Good in making floaters and runners.

Means to obtain it: Make 50 Floaters in a season.

Putback King – Known for his capacity to score bushel instantly off of hostile rebounds close to the band.

How to obtain it: Score 50 times after hostile bounce back.

Pick and Roller – Good as the roller in the pick and roll game.

How to obtain- In a single season, as the ball-handler; call for a screen 100 times.

Also Score as pick and roll man 100-200 times.

Relentless Finisher – Takes physical discipline on contact shots close to the edge without seriously affecting his energy.

How to obtain: Attempt 75 contact layups/dunks.

Post-Spin Technician – Dominates the post with spin and drive moves.

How to it: In a single season, turn or drive out of the post 100 times.

Drop-Stepper – Known the capacity to make use the drop step move further bolstering his good fortune in the post.

How to obtain it: 30 Drop Step Moves

Dream-Like Up and Under – Excels at scoring in the post with up and under moves.

How to obtain it: In a single season, endeavor 50 up and under shots out of the post.

Outside Scoring

Corner Specialist – Known for his capacity to thump down threes from the corner.

How to obtain it: Hit 25 corner 3 pointers.

Mid-Range Deadeye – Knocks down shots from medium-range at a high rate.

How to obtain it: 150-200 mid-range shots from the elbow inside the paint when vigorously challenged.

Deep Range Deadeye – Knocks down shots from deep extent at a high rate.

How to obtain it: 100 deep reach shots while intensely challenged.

Boundless Range – Can thump down deep threes superior to anything most.

How to obtain it: 50 shots while past the line, before the hash mark.

Difficult Shots – Known for making intense shots off the spill.

How to obtain it: 100-200 challenged pulls and bounce shots.

Pick and Popper – Good at a pick and pop recipient.

How to obtain it: Score as pick and pop man 200 times.

Tireless Scorer – A player who can spend a decent deal of energy without losing adequacy when endeavoring to score.

How to obtain it: 200 endeavors while you are squinting red with energy.

Catch and Shoot – Hits stand still shots off the catch at a high rate.

Step by step instructions to get it: 100 scores when you get and promptly shoot in a season. >


Ankle Breaker – Can bring about his defender to bumble or fall with his spill moves.

How to obtain it: Get “Double move prompting a score” ankle breaker liveliness 200 times. Make the defender bumble and afterward, pass it for an assist.

Flashy Passer – Known for tossing on-point gaudy goes to his recipients.

How to obtain it: Throw 50 ostentatious goes in a solitary season.

Break Starter – Starts quick breaks with exact outlet passes.

How to obtain it: Get Defensive Rebound. Toss Outlet Pass to a colleague on the move 50 times.

Pick and Roll Maestro – Throws exact passes and hits shots off screens at a high rate while organizing a pick and roll.

How to obtain it: Call for 150 screens in a solitary season using the pick and roll mechanic.

Lob City Passer – Completes back alley-loop passes at a high rate.

How to obtain it: Complete 100 alley loops in a season.

Dimer – A first class passer known for hitting partners in the right position to score.

How to obtain it: 400 Assists in a season


Lob City Finisher – Finishes alley loops at a high rate.

How to obtain it: Completed 15 effective throws in one season, can be layups or dunks.

Posterizer – Will succeed at dunking on contradicting guards more frequently than others.

How to obtain it: 15 contact dunks/contact dunk endeavors.

Bruiser – The physical way of this player channels energy from his match-up.

Block Wall – Sets greatly compelling screens.

How to obtain it: Set 100 screens in a season.

One Man Fast Break – Excels at taking the ball coast to coast on a quick break.

How to obtain it: Score on a fast break no less than 75 times in a solitary season.


Hustle Rebounder – A tip top rebounder known for pursuing bounce back out of his region.

How to it: Get 150 defensive bounce back and around 600 defensive bounce back.


Defensive Stopper – While playing on-ball protection, this badge drops different defense abilities of likewise situated match-ups.

How to obtain it: On resistance back off your man before he makes history the ball. When he gets it, cover him. Your defensive meter will turn green. Get great shot defense, move defense and stop the fast break.

Charge Card – Adept at putting himself in the position to win charge calls.

How to obtain it: Take 7 Charges

Pick Dodger – A slithery player who can get around screens effortlessly.

How to obtain it: Any time you see a defender set a screen, regardless of the possibility that it’s off the ball, gone through it. You need to battle through picks without using turbo. Inevitably you will open it.

Pick Pocket – Known for his capacity to strip the ball from a ball-handler.

How to obtain it: Poke the ball free 50 times.


When there is a statistical necessity, the insights must be earned by playing (not simulating). When it says something “must happen inside the last X games” it can, in any case, be earned in under that numerous games. When a badge has prerequisites that must be met “in one season”, that implies stats don’t continue to the following year for badge earnings. It would be ideal if you remember Wildcard and High Work Ethic are not achievable badges.

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