How To Change Party Leader in Final Fantasy XII

No one likes to have to pause intense
battles to make changes to their game or players. With Final Fantasy XII, you
can enjoy an uninterrupted gaming with quick tips and tricks to make the most
of your fantasy experience.

We take a look at some expert tips that is
likely to save you precious time on Final Fantasy 12. This post tackles one of
the most widely discussed topics –
Changing Party Leader in FF12.

Switching between party leaders in Final
Fantasy XII is easier that you think. Unlike what you may belivee, you do not
need to pause your battle or switch between screens to head to the main menu to
make a switch between characters or to use a reserve if your leader dies.

For players having more than one party
member, you can make a switch between playing characters based on your progress
and strategy.


How to change party leader in Final
Fantasy XII (FF12)?

If you are looking to change party leaders
on FF12 when the battle menu isn’t open, all you need to do is press the UP
or DOWN arrows on the D-pad. (More about Final Fantasy 12 controls)

Choose your character and hit ‘X’ on your
selection to save your change.

It doesn’t get more simpler than that,

Once this is done, you can go on to the
battle menu to resume your game without any unwanted interruptions.


Swapping out characters during the game

If you want to completely change your party
while playing Final Fantasy 12 or if you would like to add a new party leader,
you can also do that in a few easy steps. Simply press the triangle and
in the subsequent menu that opens, you will be able to make your change.

In the field, replace the old party with
the character(s) you would like to swap them with. Be sure to add the person
you want as leader in the first position.