Denuvo Protection Defeated on Rise of the Tomb Raider

Denuvo claims to be uncrackable apparently, it is entirely crackable. A group named CONSPIR4CY has cracked Rise of the Tomb Raider and released the game on multiple sources, you can find the game by searching CONSPIR4CY, it is all over Google (We can not link it). With the crack players are able to play Rise of the Tomb Raider offline Denuvo free!

The crack went online after Voksi discovered how to bypass Denuvo with a steam Doom Demo, “how embarrassing”.

“What was the Denuvo exploit that is now patched?”.

“It relies on an exploit using the DOOM Demo Denuvo activation. Voksi had to make different memory patches for each game to work. But the principle remained the same. So many pirates have been able to play and finish these games.”

For the entire weekend people were downloading the exploit, over 650,000+ people have used the method. It was a short-lived victory for the pirates of the web, until Denuvo was patched on Monday of 2016-08-09 fixing the exploit.

They disabled the activation for the Doom Demo, which the bypass has relied on. It took them three days to fix the bypass.

“Voksi’s exploit has been patched by Denuvo now,” Royalgamer06 told TF last night.

“They disabled activations for the DOOM demo, which the bypass relied on. It took them three days to do it. Seems the Denuvo guys don’t work at the weekend.”

It is unclear on how many Denuvo free games are going to be released now with the new progress made by the pirates.

CONSPIR4CY posts on reddit and surprises the entire reddit community, you can find the NFO CONSPIR4CY Reddit post here.

Who is going to win the war? Seems like every time the pirates figure out a way to play some free games Denuvo says “Nope”! Meanwhile on the other corner of the ring the pirates have completely defeated their technology proved by cracking Rise of the Tomb Raider, “Wouldn’t that hurt credibility?”. What is going to happen to the company now? Will they bounce back and fix the problem? Will the pirates continue to crack their software with the existing cracking method used for Rise of the Tomb Raider? Only time will tell.