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Dark Souls 3 Tears of Denial Glitch Lets Gamers Break The Game


It’s been a few months since Dark Souls 3 came out, and speedrunners have greatly reduced their game completion time due to a glitch that lets players cut through huge parts of the game.

Distortion2 hasn’t given up in the months since, slowly bringing down his overall game completion time for Dark Souls 3. When TryGamers last checked in on Distortion2, he’d finished the game in precisely an hour, 12 minutes, and 36 seconds. Since then, Distortion2 has halved that time.

Here’s Distortion2 most recent any% world record run:

(Any% means the speedrunners needs to finish the game as fast as possible. Difference is other speedruns require the player to beat every boss.)

One of the big reasons Distortion2 is able to pull this off is due to the teardrop glitch, in which players can cast the tears of denial spell to survive an intentional death. Tears of denial allows the player to hit 0 HP and then recover to 1 HP. The teardrop glitch is used by players to exploit a gap in the world geometry, one that should kill their character, and break the game.

Here’s what the teardrop glitch looks like in action:

Distortion2 and other speedrunners are then able to navigate their way to other parts of Dark Souls 3, skipping many so-called “required” bosses.

In a patch that went live, From Software removed this glitch:

“It will correct an issue allowing players to float in the air by using the miracle Denial.”

The patch shouldn’t stop speedrunners; they can merely refuse to update the game and play offline.

Source: Kotaku Dark Souls 3 Glitch Lets Speedrunners Completely Break The Game

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