Classic 16 Bit Disney Platformer: Aladdin, Lion King and Jungle Book

In the mid 90’s when Super Nintendo was popular, there was few platformer games based on Disney movies.

Over 20 years later, some of those platformers are back and on PC.

Great news, has released three of fantastic classic platformers, some of the games include. Disney The Jungle Book, Disney The Lion King and Disney Aladdin. Right now the iconic Disney platformers are only on and are discounted until August 7th.

Disney The Lion King Plateformer Game On GOG
Disney The Lion King Plateformer Game On GOG

The games will work on modern computers, almost any computer will be able to run the games because of how old the games are old and Disney Aladdin, The Jungle Book, The Lion King will run on almost any computer.

Each game is $11.79 at -10% discount from $13.09, regular price. We can get all three games for -33% discount price marked at $26.37 regular price (Canadian Dollar) for those of you who are looking to purchase the classic platformers made by Disney.

Disney The Jungle Book 16 Bit Platformer Game on GOG
Disney The Jungle Book 16 Bit Plateformer Game on GOG