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Doom Review A Return To Form (And Hell)

TryGamers Doom Review New Xbox One, PS4, and PC gamers might not be familiar with the weight that the name “DOOM” implies, but I’m not lying when I say that if it wasn’t for the release and success of the original DOOM back in 1993, there would be a lot of games that likely would have never existed. Call of Duty? Nope. Half-Life? Probably not. Duke Nukem? Of course not. System Shock? D...[Read More]

Forza Horizon 3 Review

“Forza Horizon 3” the game racing fans on every platform needed. I have played other racing games like the previous Forza’s and the odd racing game that catches my eye, but Forza took that love to a whole new level. As a kid, I found I had a strong liking towards cars, old cars, and new cars. Forza Horizon 3  allowed me to get “behind the wheels”, and enjoy driving my...[Read More]

Redout Review

Redout is developed by 34BigThings SRL for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 soon according to TheCoolestNerd. I love flying around the track at 700 MPH taking a steep right and left turns while listening to epic retro music, and at one moment I almost started rocking my head to the beat, can you believe that? Redout actually is challenging, right now I am trying to whip around the track at 800 MPH making the...[Read More]

Planetbase Review

Well, I have officially killed my astronauts five times, I am the worst colonist. What is Planetbase? We are overseeing and managing a colony on planets, our job is constructing. We are the god figures making sure the colony goes smoothly and no one dies. To help achieve our end goal, “building a massive colony” we have different kinds of buildings at our disposal. Like any colony, we ...[Read More]

NBA 2K17 Review

This time in NBA 2K17, our newly created character George ABC is bringing fire onto the court wearing his new advantageous red Jordan’s. George is unquestionably looking to take this game away as he prepares to shoot from half court, can George break the tie? George closes his eyes as he starts shooting the ball. The ball hits the rim of basket slowly swirling around the brim before heading throug...[Read More]

8-Bit Hordes Review: RTS Fans Love This Game

8-Bit Hordes is an excellent entry level real-time strategy game brought to us by the same people who have made Star Wars Empire at War and Universe At War. 8-Bit Hordes is exceptional game to play with friends, it’s simplistic yet fun to play. The game is easy to pick up and play, unlike other real-time strategy games like Warcraft that take hours to learn how to play. With 8 Bit Hordes, we can e...[Read More]

Master of Orion Review

Master of Orion is truly a unique take on turn-based space exploration video games, developed by NGD Studios located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Published by Wargaming and released conveniently on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS on the date August 25th for those who are interested in knowing those details. The game can be bought on steam, or on GOG. Purchasing on GOG allows purchasers to play ...[Read More]

Hands on Obduction Review: Cyan Worlds Designed Award Worthy Game

Warning: This post contains 1920×1080 maxed out settings screen shots, this post may load slowly. Obduction was designed by Rand Miller and published by Cyan Worlds on August 24th, 2016 for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. TryGamers.com follows three review criteria, the first criteria, sound, the second criteria, visuals and the last criteria, gameplay. Sound, visuals, gameplay will determine t...[Read More]

Review: Inside Needs Thousands of Touch Ups

Inside is a dark 2D side-scroller that seems to fall short on every aspect of the review process, no storyline, familiar gameplay and hardly any sound are the major downfalls. Continue reading to see the final verdict of the game. The gameplay is straight forward and plays like Limbo, this time around PlayDead thought it would be a good idea to cast another boy character but this time, have pedos ...[Read More]

Review: Kingdom New Lands Deserves Mainstream Fame

New expansion Kingdom New World brings life to Kingdom. Exploring new lands is one of the things we may do, with new levels brings new excitement. Designed and created by Thomas van den Berg, Marco Bancale and Published by Raw Fury Games. When you strip away the graphics and only focus on “What we do” in the game is kind of genius, as a new king in the land, it is our responsibility to spend our c...[Read More]

King of Management Games and Best Free Game: Dwarf Fortress Review

Dwarf Fortress has grown to be a successful free game with over 100,000+ downloads and wildly active modding community shows us how deserving this project is for publicity. Does free mean the game is a waste of time? Tarn Adams and Zach Adams chose for Dwarf Fortress to remain free for everyone made possible by donations from fans. The Dwarf Fortress Experience. The gameplay in DF is compared to s...[Read More]

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