Best HDR 10 TVs for Xbox One S

With the recent release of the Xbox One S, the buzz surrounding the console is the new HDR and 4k capability.

But there seems to be some confusion between which brand of television supports HDR 10 which is the HDR version that is supported by the Xbox One S.

When it comes to HDR and game console capability you may need to do some homework. It seems that there are 2 different kinds of HDR which are the HDR 10 and Dolby Vision standards.

Televisions made by Samsung & Sony use HDR 10 which is the only HDR version supported by the Xbox One S console, for now. Dolby vision will be making some modifications to two of their televisions later in 2016 to support HDR 10, they do not as of right now.

Make sure not to buy a 4k TV with HDR before you are sure that the television is HDR 10 compatible because if not you will not have HDR 10 support.

Here are a couple of the best televisions that are compatible with the Xbox One S. The Samsung KS8000 and the Vizio P-Series are among the best.
To check out more compatible TVs: click here for more Xbox One S compatible televisions.

Microsoft released its special edition 2 terabyte Xbox One S. With the 1 terabyte Xbox One S and 500GB One S coming out on August 23. The 500 GB will be sold for $299 and the 1 terabyte version for $349.