Battlefield 1 Dominate Your Enemy with These Vehicle Tips

Let’s face it; the feeling you get when your squadron wins a hard-earned battle is amazing. You successfully completed your mission, laid waste to your enemy and earn some much-needed experience and War Bonds. That being said, when a vehicle spawns on the battlefield and you hop in the driver’s seat, well…you feel all-powerful.

Vehicles in Battlefield 1 are scary accurate, just like the weapons, uniforms and setting. DICE certainly has done a stellar job of making you feel the intensity of World War 1 and the vehicles are no different. They’re clunky, slow and sometimes, down-right awkward to maneuver, however, vehicles in Battlefield 1 can also greatly sway the tide of battle.

It’s all about how you use them. Just like the Classes in Battlefield 1, each vehicle serves its purpose and can be incredibly effective when used properly. Don’t waste the opportunity. Seize victory for your squadron with these vehicle tips and tricks for Battlefield 1!

Customize Your Vehicle:

Just like your Class loadouts, you can customize your vehicles to your gameplay style. When you’re patiently waiting at the deployment screen for the battle to begin, select the vehicle option and open the menu to customize your vehicle load out. There are plenty of different options for each vehicle. Do you prefer Bomber planes to Fighter planes? Maybe you prefer the quick moving Light Tank over the slow-moving heavy tank.  It’s up to you to decide. Play the game, try each style, and choose the vehicle load out that’s right for you.

As with the Class Customization, this can also be done via the Companion App. Download the App and adjust your load outs while you’re at work, anxiously anticipating stepping foot on the battlefield once more.

Optimize Your Tank’s Performance:

It’s frustrating when you’re in the midst of battle, when suddenly a much-needed vehicle spawns at just the right moment, only to have said vehicle driven by someone who doesn’t seem to want to use it effectively. When a tank spawns, wait for your squad to fill in all positions. Driving a tank into the heat of battle with only one person in the driver’s seat is asking for trouble. With anti-tank grenades at their disposal, the enemy will certainly notice this foolishness and take advantage of it. But if the tank is full of soldiers manning each gun, the vehicle can almost single-handily win the battle in your favor.

The driver of the tank has a very important job. The first rule, don’t stop. If you do stop movement for whatever reason, you’re inviting the enemy for a quick destruction of your vehicle. Next, think about your gunners. Use your angles and keep their eye-sight in mind. If the gunners have nothing to shoot at, your tank will be ineffective and useless. Remember; Battlefield 1 is a team game. If you all work together, your tank will help you get a well-earned victory.

Planes are Fun and Deadly:

Unlike the tank that can withstand some punishment, planes are rather delicate, but can be incredibly effective if used properly. Just like the tank, they require teamwork and technique. Your aircraft will quickly be brought out of the sky with brash, unintelligent gameplay.

The Attack Plane is for two players. One will pilot the craft, while the other mans the guns. Stay low and give your gunner some targets. These planes are meant for all types of situations, so try to get the most out of the aircraft before being shot out of the sky. It’s effective in most types of situations, and can do some damage against vehicles and soldiers alike.

The Bomber should be fairly straight forward. As its name alludes, the Bomber is made for bombing runs, dropping deadly explosives on enemy soldiers and vehicles. It’s slow, clunky, and won’t last long, so make the most out of the Bomber while you have it. A pilot and a couple gunners can man this aircraft, making it deadly, yet fragile.

The Fighter aircraft is fast, yes the weakest of the bunch. It’s effective against airborne enemy aircraft, so if there are a number of Bombers or Zeppelins in the air, use the Fighters speed and agility to get in close and take out your enemies in a flurry of bullets.

Horses, Boats and Zeppelins – Oh My!

For some reason, I always felt bad for the horses of war. Those poor things. What did they ever do to anybody, besides be loyal companions to us violent humans? Anyways, I digress. Horses are meant for getting your Assault Class into the heat of battle as quick as possible. Remember, when on a horse; you’ll be wielding only a sword, so consider dismounting once in the chaos of battle.

There are a number of boats with a different variety of weapons, but should be mainly used to boat on boat confrontations. Boats are effective for carrying a number of soldiers from one point on the map to another, but aren’t armed to the teeth, so use with caution, especially when your raft is full of friendly soldiers.

Zeppelins are a blast. They can rain terror upon your enemy and can withstand some punishment. Plus, when they’re finally brought out of the sky, they explode in a mess of fire and debris; which, even though your Zeppelin has just been brought down, is a treat to watch.