Battlefield 1 Best Weapons for Each Class


Battlefield 1 is an intense ride. Since its launch, you’ve spent plenty of time with your squad mates in the muddy trenches of World War 1, leveling up, earning your war bonds, making your soldier stronger and more deadly.

Did you choose the Assault Class? In the heart of the action, right on the front lines, the Assault Class in Battlefield 1 are the soldiers who carry out the objectives, carrying sub-machine guns and shotguns.

Are you the Support Class? These soldiers do what needs to be done. The Support Class restocks ammunition, helping out whenever they can, but they also carry some deadly arsenal themselves; sub-machine guns and light machine guns help them support the soldiers around them with key kill assists.

The Medic Class is essential; these heroic soldiers risk their own lives to save those of their squad mates. Their healing gadgets and abilities can greatly sway the tide of battle, plus, at mid-range, the Medic can be seriously deadly with semi-automatic rifles.

Finally, the Scout Class is essentially the much-needed sniper of the squad, hiding away from the front lines; these soldiers can finish their enemy with one shot from their sniper rifles, or pinpoint enemy locations for their squad.

Battlefield 1 is all about teamwork. Pick a class and master it. In the chaos of World War 1, soldiers who know their role and carry it out effectively are essential to victory. But as important as the soldiers on the ground are, the weapon in their hand is an incredibly important tool to ensure the battle is won.

That being said, the more you play one class, the more that soldier will level up and the more War Bonds you receive. These War Bonds can then be spent on gadgets, grenades, melee weapons and of course; guns. These War Bonds aren’t easy to come by. So if you see a weapon that you’re itching to get your hands on…save up.

Let’s take a look at some of the best weapons available for each class, so you and your squadron can decimate your enemies and emerge victoriously!

Best Weapons for Assault Class:

The Assault Class is all about getting up close and personal. They need quick-fire, accurate and efficient weapons to be effective soldiers. Along with gas grenades and anti-tank grenades, the Assault Class has weapons built for combat that can dispatch an enemy with one pull of the trigger. You’ve got to be quick and deadly. These weapons are perfect.

M97 Trench Backbored:

A shotgun assigned to an Assault Class soldier makes perfect sense. A close-range weapon, the shotgun can obliterate an enemy with one blast. However, while the close-range deadliness is off the charts, accuracy can be an issue. That’s why the M97 Trench Backboard is so effective; this shotgun is the most accurate of the bunch so save your War Bonds for this beauty. Make swiss cheese of your enemies before they even see you coming.

MP 18 Trench:

Available early in your soldier’s progress, the MP18 Trench is fantastic for down the sights or from the hip shooting. As an Assault Class soldier, chances are you’ll be surprised by an enemy more than once in the trenches of WW1 and this sub-machine gun is perfect for ambushes. Plus, it’s got a bayonet attachment for those times you really want to drive the point home. Pun totally intended.

Best Weapons for Support Class:

With the Support Class, you may not pack the punch of the Assault Class, as you carry light machine guns that are great for suppressive fire, but you can still tally up the points quickly with kill assists, your Repair Tool, finding Ammo Packs and Crates, and the deadly Mortar. Support your squadron with these weapons.

M1909 Benet Mercie Storm:

A little gift for the Support Class comes nice and early, in the form of the M1909 Benet Mercie Storm. With decent damage and high-accuracy, this weapon is perfect for suppressing fire, running, and gunning. It’s worth 200 War Bonds, but is worth the price. The Optical and Telescopic versions are available as well, but the Storm seems best for the Class.

MG15 n.A:

While the MG15 n.A suffers from overheating, it only happens after 30 seconds or so of continuous fire, which is significant. The high control and accuracy of this weapon make it a must have for the Support Class. It’s worth 200 War Bonds and unlockable at Rank 3, so you have something to look forward to.

Best Weapons for Medic Class:

As the Medic, you’ll be doing a lot of frantic running around, doing your best to heal your party and avoid confrontation. Unfortunately, this is war and confrontation is inevitable. So, you want the best available weapons to get you out of a pinch. While the default weapon isn’t horrible, there are definitely some upgrades in store for the Medic.

Selbstlader M1916:

Meet the Selbstlader M1916. The damage is high, the accuracy is decent and the clip size isn’t tiny. While it won’t destroy your enemies in a hail of gunfire, this weapon is fantastic for getting the Media out of a messy situation. It’s balanced, has a decent rate of fire and the stability ensures you don’t miss your target.

Moondragon Sniper:

While the hip damage is low, the Moondragon Sniper is a weapon that actually makes the Medic an offensive force. Worth 200 War Bonds unlockable at Rank 3, the Moondragon Sniper is worth the time and effort. Accuracy and control are ridiculously high, and damage and clip size are no jokes either. Save your friends and destroy your enemies with the Moondragon.

Best Weapons for Scout Class:

You’re sneaky, you’re quiet, you’re deadly; you are the Scout. While it may seem like the most fun, staying back from the crowd and picking off unsuspecting enemy soldiers, playing the Scout Class requires skill and patience. Armed with the best possible weapon, there is no one on the battlefield that is deadlier than the Scout.

Russian 1895 Trench:

Okay, I know what you’re thinking; the Russian 1895 Trench has less damage than the comparable. True. However, the rate of fire is very high, requiring much less time to reload. So, if you’re new at the Scout Class, or require just one more bullet to take down your enemy, the reload time is essential. Don’t panic, you’ll have another bullet in the chamber in no time.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re a skilled marksman, the Gewehr 98 has the highest damage and accuracy possible. It may take far longer to load than the Russian 1895, but if you only need one bullet…that’s no problem. Available at Rank 3 for 200 War Bonds, for the Scout that only has to pull the trigger once; look no further than the Gewehr 98.