8-Bit Hordes Review: RTS Fans Love This Game

8-Bit Hordes is an excellent entry level real-time strategy game brought to us by the same people who have made Star Wars Empire at War and Universe At War. 8-Bit Hordes is exceptional game to play with friends, it’s simplistic yet fun to play.

The game is easy to pick up and play, unlike other real-time strategy games like Warcraft that take hours to learn how to play. With 8 Bit Hordes, we can expect to know how to play in less than thirty minutes. Making this game friendly to players who have never played such a game and are willing to give the real-time strategy genre a try.

When looking at 8-Bit Hordes we will notice how the game looks blocky, you can see an image of what we are talking about below:

8 Bit Hordes Review
8-Bit Hordes Review

The blocky art style is what 8 Bit Hordes is all about, everything from the menu to your buildings and units will look blocky. The blocky art style is an interesting concept; the blocky feel doesn’t add bonuses to our experience, instead, the blocky art style acts as a layer of originality being placed on top of every minute of gameplay. It’s not a completely original art style, all though it fits well into the game.

Different factions exist in 8-Bit Hordes that we can play as, 2 in total. The Light-Bringers and the Death-sworn. Each unit has their own unique units, for example:

  • The Light-Bringers have a special flying unit called the Phoenix, a mighty flying unit that shoots deadly projectiles at long ranges, it’s best to keep the Phoenix units back in a position where the Phoenix’s units can shoot while maintaining a safe distance from you and your enemy.
  • While the “Dark Forces”, the death-sworn have a powerful flying dragon with an ability to flame fire in cone projectile melting ground units in seconds. A flying dragon is a unit we don’t want to underestimate; with large groups of dragons, we can melt enemy forces down to nothing in a matter of seconds.

Check out this gameplay video of 8 Bit Horde below, it’s worth seeing:

8-Bit Hordes fills the promise as a 5-star real-time strategy game, and most importantly a real-time strategy game must have cool units that are well balanced and 8-Bit Hordes delivers on that well balanced and enjoyable experience. TryGamers gives 8-Bit Hordes a 5/5 gold star rating and we’re recommending real-time strategy fans to give 8-Bit Hordes a shot.

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