20 Forza Horizon 3 Tips and Tricks

If you are a car gaming enthusiast, you have probably heard of Forza Horizon 3. Like with any other car racing game, most people want to know how they can tackle the different challenges they are bound to face when playing Forza Horizon 3, and gamers would like to know how to utilize their time efficiently while playing Forza Horizon 3. If you are one of the people looking for extra help, below are 20 Forza Horizon 3 tips and tricks that will ensure you not only enjoy the game but also maximize your potential while playing.

1. Obtain 2X Points While Listening to Classical Music.

Forza Horizon 3 is designed in such a way that when you listen to its main radio stations, you get to come across some skill songs. As the song is playing you get the advantage of a ×2 bonus to your skill points. These songs are in most cases very short and you do not have a lot of time to maximize them. However, you can achieve this in the classical channel since the songs can be up to 100 minutes long.

2. Unlock Skill Boosting Perks

You get skill points each time you to a cool stunt. The skill points accumulate and enable you to boost your skills and at the same time you get to have unlockable perks. This is what will set you ahead, you should, therefore, try to unlock the perks each time you a chance presents.

3. Explore To Find Valuables, Or Watch The Guide Videos On This Post.

Bonus boards are located almost anywhere in the surrounding but in most cases they are in hidden places like in caves and tunnels. For this reason, it is very important to look at the roof, tunnels, and other hidden places in order to ensure you do not miss out on bonuses.

4. The Arial Nomad Enhances Your Game.

Forza Horizon 3 Arial Nomad
Forza Horizon 3 Arial Nomad

Ariel Nomad is the best vehicle you can have if you want to get far in this game. It is therefore very important to unlock it as soon as you can. It is also advisable to go for the free offer. The offer is normally at the beginning of the game. You will surely not regret it.

5. Rewind To Fix Your Mistakes

Speed and angle are very important when you are trying to do the Danger Jump stunts especially if you are aiming for a high score. If you notice the vehicle is not on track when you are trying the stunt, it might help to hit the rewind button. Rewinding before flinging off jumps will give you an amazing advantage, doubling your chance for a successful high scoring jump.

6. Focus On Learning Your Challenge, Then Focus On Obtaining That 3 Star Rating.

You get rated with 3 stars in each of the challenges you try out. Initially, it can be discouraging not to be able to reach these three star ratings. It is however advisable to focus on the racing first. When you focus on racing, it will eventually not be difficult to get the 3 star rating.

7. Having Fun Allows For Further Enjoyment.

A lot of people playing Forza Horizon 3 focus too much on winning that they forget to have some fun. Do not focus too much on winning. Focus on having enjoyable moments, and when winning comes, that will be an added bonus. Doing this will basically enable you to enjoy the game more.

8. Rewinding Isn’t Cheating.

Most people do not like using the rewind button because it looks like cheating. There is, however, no mistake in trying to achieve a perfect stunt that will increase your score. Doing this also makes you master some of your skills which gives you a better chance of winning.

9. Play With Friends, And Find These 15 Barn Locations.

A game can get quite boring if you are always playing it alone. To keep the flame ignited, it’s an exceptional idea to play with a friend or two. This keeps you challenged and when you win, you get to feel a sense of accomplishment since you have won against an actual opponent.

10. Choose a License Plate That Yells Eat My Dust.

In Forza Horizon 3, one of the requirements before you start racing is to choose a licence plate. It is very important to choose a license plate you will easily identify since it is probably the first thing you will see each time you look into the rear-view mirror.

11. Choose a Car You Like and Stick With That Car.

You have a number of options to choose from when it comes to vehicles. It is very important to go for a vehicle you like. This is because choosing a vehicle you like will enable you to feel more comfortable driving it and it may affect your performance as well.

12. Choose a Character Name Wisely.

Forza Horizon 3 Characters
Forza Horizon 3 Characters

Just like the car, it is very important for you to choose a character name that you like. This also plays a part in how involved you get with the game. If it is a name you like, you can own it better and you will want the car to perform well.

13. Look at that sexy Lamborghini Urus.

Forza Horizon 3 Lamborghini Urus
Forza Horizon 3 Lamborghini Urus

When you get to choose the next free vehicle, it is advisable to go for the Lamborghini Urus. This is because this vehicle looks luxurious and the paint job is also on point.

14. Skill Points Require to be Spent intelligently and knowledgeably.

When you get the first skill points, you will be required to choose where you would like to spend the skills points. It is very important to make a smart decision. You need to know how and what you intend to purchase since these points assist you in racing. The decision you make ultimately determines how your driving turns out.

15. Utilizing Your Vehicles Movement Offers a Distinctive Advantage.

When you are driving, it is very important to try as much as possible to utilize your environment to prevent your car from crashing into walls. When you think you are going to crash for instance, you can try turning to make the car scratched but not crashed. This will slow you down but it is better than crushing.

16. Make Use of the Drone.

It might not be possible to locate some of the hidden bonuses since your car might not be able to reach some of these places. However, you can utilize the drone feature to find these hidden bonuses. All you need to do is locate the drone on the drop down menu and find the bonuses.

17. Do not Listen to Anna, She Plays by the Rules!

Anna is the sat-nav computer that gives you the directions to tarmacs and races you might be wishing to access. The problem with Anna is that she always plays by all the rules. Therefore if you are trying to get a shortcut somewhere, it might help not to listen to her at times. This might get you where you are going faster than listening to her.

18. Do Not Break the Chain of Points, Doing That Costs You Points.

In Forza Horizon 3, every action you take earns you some experience points. The trick to racking up these points is to chain them together. Eventually, you will have a great streak and that streak will earn you a haul of XP which takes you further into the game. It is therefore very important to avoid any mistakes like crashing that might prevent you from getting there.

19. Learning New Tricks Keeps Forza Horizon 3 Fresh.

It’s important to strive at learning new skills in each and every game. When it comes to Forza Horizon 3, take note of all stunts you do not know how to pull off and assign each session to try out each of them. This will better your skills.

20. play Forza Horizon 3 Like It’s Your First Racing Game, It’s More Enjoyable.

One of the things that might stand in your way when you are trying to stay at the top in Forza Horizon 3 is trying to include the skills you use in another game into this game. Skills and controls are slightly different this time around. Therefore, it’s important to play each game as a new game. This will give you a new experience and will also enable you to fully enjoy the adventure in front of you.


In conclusion, these are some of the Forza Horizon 3 Tips and Tricks you can use to get ahead in the game. They can be used by experienced individuals as well as those who are new to racing games. Use this to get ahead of your opponents, to improve your skills and to add more enjoyment to your game