5 Important Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Tips and Tricks

Horizon Zero Dawn in an interactive role-playing game whereby the main character, Aloy, who is an archer and hunter explores the world overridden by robots. Here are the important Horizon Zero Dawn Tips and Tricks to help you start enjoying it. Keep Reading For 5 Important Gameplay Tips and Tricks in Horizon Zero Dawn, Master Your Game. 1. Don’t jump right into combat. Most beginners make this mis...[Read More]

Everything You Need To Know About Upgrading Your Gear In For Honor

Upgrading your gear in For Honor can be a difficult task because it all spins around the hero you’re playing with. To upgrade your gear it’s really a simple task. All three Factions have their own “currency” (Salvage). You can obtain salvage by dismantling gear that you don’t want or need. Once you have enough salvage, hover above the gear you want to upgrade and go d...[Read More]

Horizon Hero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn created by Guerrilla, is an open world game is set it a post-apocalyptic world, where there are few remnants of civilization left. The Guerrilla team spent five years developing Horizon Zero Dawn and you can see why. Visually the game is stunning. Each of the many habitats in the game has been beautifully created and the use of color and light is really remarkable and increases t...[Read More]

For Honor 10 Best Tips and Tricks For Combat

For Honor is one of the most unique fighting games to grace our PS4 and Xbox Ones. With multiple genres and characters such as Samurai, Knight, and Viking, determining the best combat strategy can be a tricky affair. Courtesy of TryGamers, we’ve taken the liberty of helping you break through whatever challenges you may come across and get the very best out of your gaming experience. Here is ...[Read More]

For Honor How to Parry

For any fighting game, damage, defense, and basic character statistics are not just the necessary tools to win. One of the essential parts of winning is the skill and the level of experience gained by the player. Players who played many games before surely developed the sense of awareness and analytic skills, as a result, these players can identify patterns and movements. One of the most intriguin...[Read More]

Automata Cancelled for Xbox One

After a lengthy and highly suspenseful wait on if it will be released on Xbox One, Japanese based developers Platinum Games have revealed that their upcoming action game Nier: Automata will not be releasing on Microsoft’s console. Yosuke Saito, head Producer of Platinum Games, explained that due to the disappointing sales of the console in Japan, they made the difficult decision to cancel th...[Read More]

Free Multiplayer Week for PS4 Users

It’s commonly known among gamers that gaming platforms hold free multiplayer events. In fact, most avid game players take advantage of these free periods. While most of the events are only a weekend long, PS4 gamers will now get to enjoy a whole week of free multiplayer gaming. A free multiplayer week doesn’t require a PlayStation Plus pass and makes any game’s online multiplayer...[Read More]

For Honor: How to Get Reputation

Players have the chance to use a number of challenging mechanics, in order to be able to level up fast in the game. They can make use of the Reputation system, by fulfilling various orders, gain Reputation points and manipulate their enemies to get them back to level one. Once they reach level 20, they can reset their character and can also increase some of their character’s abilities. As so...[Read More]

For Honor: How to Unlock All The Classes You Want Right At The Start

When you are playing the most popular action fighting game For Honor the most exciting thing is to remove your fellow players from the leading list for that purpose you have to unlock all the classes you want right at the start. A little about the heroes: In this game there are various categories of heroes in different classes. Heroes are the different characters you can play as in For Honor which...[Read More]

How To Unlock Both Endings In Daughters DLC on Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7’s second DLC piece having arrived on PlayStation four, players now have two new game modes to entertain them. Focusing on the Daughters tape, two endings are featured in this mode. These two include the bad ending, where one unlocks the Butterfly Effect on completion, and the true ending, whose completion enables the player to be rewarded the One Instinct: Survival. To get both ach...[Read More]

How To Counter Guard Break In For Honor

For Honor is a fantastic combat game that incorporates multiple fighting styles, that in turn, can sometimes make it a little tough to strategize on the best battle moves. Each move you make in the game has to be unique and well planned so as to beat your opponent. As such, this post covers one top notch strategic move that you can ultimately use on an enemy in For Honor. That is, how to counter g...[Read More]

Resident Evil 7 Weapons List

This version of Resident Evil 7 is not only an action game but is first a horror game. That does not give you the license to forget about your arsenal. But, conversely, you have to be a master of all the weapons available in the game if you desire to survive the Baker estate. To gain mastery over these weapons, you first need to locate them. You are going to need the entire arsenal appearing in th...[Read More]

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